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Hygeia Breast Pump Reviews Guide 2015

Hygeia Breast Pump ReviewsHygeia can be best described as being a “green pump” meaning that it is one pump that is approved by the FDA for multiple users. Any piece of the pump that would touch either the breast milk or any part of the mom is able to be swapped out. Therefore, the pump can be passed on to a friend or family member with new replacement pieces. You can also find “personal accessory kits” for the Hygeia if you are going to sell yours. The accessory kits cost typically $30. If you don’t wish to sell or give your pump away when you are finished with it, you can return it to the company so that it can be recycled appropriately.

Despite being a smaller company, Hygeia offers customers top notch customer service. They are very personable and even have lactation consultants available if you need help or support in your breast pumping journey. And the bag that you carry the breast pump in? So cute and discrete!

[box size=”large”]Hygeia Breast Pumps reviews can show you why this brand and its models are called ”green pumps”, so you can buy it if you are a ”go green” mom.[/box]

How To Use Hygeia?

The breast pump also comes with a rechargeable battery. This eliminates the stress from having to find an outlet. The pump is a lighter weight one and you can easily fit your pump and pieces to your pump in the bag with a little room to spare as well. They Hygeia also comes with a bottle holder. In addition to the bottle holder, there is a plastic piece that can be found on the front of the pump that holds a flange. This makes it easier for you to set down that full bottle of breast milk so you don’t have to worry about spilling it when you stand or adjust your sitting position.The Hygeia breast pump is user friendly in terms of actually pumping and also taking it apart in order to clean it properly. The pump comes with two bottles that have a wide mouth in order to catch the milk as you pump, but there is also converter rings so that you can use any bottle brand with the pump. So if you received many different brands of bottles at your baby shower, you will still be able to use them to catch milk using your Hygeia.

Lastly, the Hygeia comes with a recording device so that you can have the option to record your baby crying in order to help with the let down while you are pumping.

No matter what brand of breast pump that you ultimately choose in your breast feeding journey, you will be able to continue providing your baby, or babies if you have multiples, with the lasting benefits that your breast milk has to offer. We hope you have enjoyed this Hygeia breast pump review and for  a better decision, we advice you to also read other brand and model reviews.

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