Best Medela Breast Pump Reviews

Best Medela Breast Pump Reviews Guide For 2015

Best Medela Breast Pump ReviewsMedela Pump in Style is both quick and thorough when it comes to emptying a nursing moms breasts. This is especially helpful for helping to avoid engorged breasts which can be very painful. The Medela Pump in Style also comes with an attractive tote that is great for taking all the pieces of your breast pump on the go.

It comes with a faster let-down as well as a slower cycle that will either start on its own, or you can use the let-down button. You can also control how much suction you are getting with the pump. It is really helpful because you are able to select your suction and start pumping right away.

When it comes to cleaning your Medela Pump in Style, there are quite a few pieces that will have to be cleaned when using your pump. You also have to clean the tubing with each piece so cleaning this pump can be a bit time consuming if you are in a hurry to get back to work or whatever other activity you need to complete.

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Due to the set-up of the Medela Pump in Style, you will have to lug the bag it comes with from room to room if you are going to be pumping all over the house or office. It can also be difficult at times finding the right place to put it to pump without destroying pieces of expensive equipment. It also comes with a battery pack that attaches to it with a cord. It also fits nicely in a side pocket in its accompanying tote.

The normal retail price is between $220 and $300. It is also geared toward the working mom which makes it worth the price tag. It is also a quieter breast pump so you don’t have to feel self-conscious about using it at work. The plastic on the flanges are also easier to see through which is great for telling you when you are going through the letdown.

The fit on the flanges is also awesome and prevents leaks from happening. This can save those tears being shed over spilled milk. If you ever have to find spare parts for your Medela you will be able to find them just about anywhere which is nice.

Medela Breast Pump Reviews – Pump in Style Advanced

Medela-Pump-in-Style-AdvancedThe Medela Pump in Style Advanced is another one of the best pumps that is currently available on the market today. However, price wise it is one of the more expensive options as far as breast pumps go. Another perk is that the pump comes in a variety of bag styles. There is the Metro Bag, On-The-Go Tote and Backpack. Depending on your lifestyle, there are advantages to each style.

Medela Pump In Style Advanced backpack and On-The-Go Tote both come with pump motors that are already include into the tote and backpack. That being said, it can cause the pump to be less portable when all you are needing is the pump. This means that if you need to pump at home, you will have to take the whole tote or bag with you and that can become quite burdensome. It can also pose an annoyance if you are pumping at work and have limited space to pump in.

The motor for the Metro Bag pump has its own case which allows for you to take the pump out and have the ability to be more portable. It also reduces the amount of space needed for a pumping session. Removing the motor case also gives moms more space for bottles, the battery pack and anything else they need to carry.

As far as pricing goes, the On-The-Go Tote and Backpack typically run $30 to $50 less than the Metro Bag. You may find that the extra cost is worth it though in order to have the convenience of not carrying your breast pump bag everywhere you wish to pump.

In short, which style of bag you choose depends on how much space you will need and the kind of portability you are looking for in terms of your breast pump. Regardless of which bag you pick, you still have the option for pumping both breasts at once which is a major time saver whether you are pumping at home or at work and all moms can appreciate that.

Medela Swing

Medela-Swing-Breast-PumpThe Medela Swing pump is an older model, however, given its belt clip and neck/shoulder strap, moms are able to pump hands free which is great for multi-tasking. Out of all Medela model breast pumps, the Swing is the only one specifically designed to be used daily and several times a day.

Medela Swing breast pump comes with a total of 9 suction levels so a mom is sure to find one that is comfortable for her and there is a letdown button as well. The pump is light in weight which is great for moving the pump around and it comes with the hands free bra and a breast shield that allows for hands free pumping. It is also one of the more affordable pumps for moms that are on a fixed budget.

Like any product, there are some drawbacks to the Medela Swing pump. The pump does not come with a timer so moms that are pumping will need to keep one eye on the clock. There is also not a suction indicator on the pump which means you may have to play with suction each time that you go to pump. It also comes in a single electric pump which means double the pumping time.

The four buttons that come on the swing motor are the power switch, increase and decrease buttons for the speed and suction and the letdown button. The batteries that the Medela Swing takes are 4 double A’s. These batteries will usually last for around two or three 30 minute pumping sessions. There is also an option to use electricity from a power source.There are smaller Medela pumps that are also portable if size of the breast pump is going to be an issue. Lastly, it is crucial that the tubing is sterilized after use. This is especially true for mothers that have a heavy supply as milk can flow into the tubing during pumping.

It is important to note that when making a decision that will be best for you, that you read reviews from other parents that have used the one that you’re considering. Doing so can help give you a first-hand idea as to how well the pump will fit your needs. It will also help you to determine the ease of use and functionality of the product that you are considering buying and using. You may also want to find it at the store so that you can have a hands on look at how it works and how easy it would be to clean. Ease of cleaning your pump is very important in order to reduce the risk of harmful bacteria harming either your baby or yourself. For  a better decision in choosing the best medela breast pump, we advise you to also read other brand and model reviews.

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