Best Breast Pump Reviews – Top 10 Comparison


We have all heard the expression that “breast is best” meaning that it is important for mother’s to provide their baby with their milk. This is especially true of the colostrum which is what the mother’s body produces once the baby is born. It is packed with all sorts of nutritional things that the baby needs. While many mothers are now choosing to exclusively feed their baby, meaning they do not pump, there are still those that have to return to work or perhaps they have a difficult time getting baby to latch. For these reasons these mothers choose to utilize a pump.

Breast pumping still allows the mothers body the ability to keep producing her milk without directly nursing her child or children if she had multiples. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right one. Choosing the one that you will use can easily be considered just as important as picking the car seat, baby wipes and diapers you will be using for your child. There are also many options on the market today that you can choose from. That being said, there are some things you will need to consider before making your purchase.
If you’re going to be pumping in a public setting such as the workplace, then you will also want to look for the one that is quiet and will not be a distraction for those around you. You will also want to look at how easy your breast pump will be to clean. Considering all of these factors is very important in choosing the right product.One important factor to take into consideration is how often you will be using it. Will you be exclusively pumping? Or will you use it only during the day while you’re at work to ensure that you are able to keep producing milk. Maybe time is of the essence and you have to pump very quickly in the event that your breasts become engorged with breast milk. Also, look at how easy it is to take it with you and put together. Can you adjust the suction and are the breast shields the right size for you? Is there back up power like batteries if the power goes out? Lastly, you also need to think about how much you can comfortably spend on it without breaking the bank.

How to Choose A Breast Pump: The Ultimate Guide

When a mother makes the decision to purchase it, it is important to research what she should look for. Research is always being done on how to improve breast pumps and this is why it is crucial to evaluate what to look for. Our breast pump reviews and comparison guide will help you determine the best choice.

There are several options that are available on the market in terms of breast pumps. These options include hospital-grade pumps (meaning these are the pumps the hospitals use), mid-weight pumps that are meant for personal use in the home and lastly there are lighter option pumps that can be manual, electric or battery operated and are ready to be transported. In addition there are also hands free pumps that allow for multitasking as a mother pumps her breast milk.

It is important to check how efficient the breast pump is. When a baby is nursing their sucking rhythm is between 40 to 60 cycles every minute. Typically the hospital grade pumps and the personal use pumps are 30 to 50 cycles to closer match a baby suckling.

It is also important to be able to complete a pumping session that produces the fats that are needed in breast milk. At first the breast milk comes out watery when pumping and towards the end of a successful session, it will be full of the beneficial fats. So it is important to look at the breast pump to determine if you can set the time limit you want to pump for or if it will automatically shut itself off after a certain amount of time.

Mothers also need to look at how the pump needs to be positioned in order to make sure that no milk will be lost after pumping. This is also true for how well the suction works. Also, it is important to see how easy the pump is to take apart and put together for cleaning purposes. Reading our reviews can be very helpful.


Types of Breast Pumps: Manual, Hospital Grade and Electric

As previously stated, when you are making a decision about a breast pump, you should read reviews on the one or ones you are strongly considering. Doing so can help give you an idea on the pros and cons. There are two types of breast pumps. Manual and electric; let’s take a look at both of these to find the best for you:

Manual Breast Pumps

The way that a manual breast pump works is that the breast shield is placed over the nursing mother’s nipple and areola area. Once in place, there is a handle or lever on the pump that is squeezed in order to create suction. After the suction has been created, milk is then expressed from the breast where it is collected in a container that is attached to the manual pump. There are several different types of manual pumps as well that can be found in today’s market. One is a bicycle horn pump. It has a rubber ball that is hollow which is attached to the breast-shield. However, some experts advise against this type of manual pump because it is difficult to clean. With a manual pump it is a little easier to control how hard suction is because of the ability to control the pump motion with your hand.

Hospital Grade Breast Pumps

medela-symphony-hospital-grade-breast-pumpIf you’re looking for a breast pump that is both strong and durable then you may want to really consider a hospital grade breast pump. These pumps get the job done when it comes to stimulating the breast in order to raise prolactin and oxytocin which are the hormones that are responsible for increasing a mother’s breast milk production.

The motor that is inside of hospital grade pumps are stronger than those found in personal breast pumps. However, because hospital pumps are heavier than personal ones it makes them more difficult to take with you if you are going out and about. Another upside to the hospital grade breast pump is the fact that they come with a warranty that is good for three to five years versus the one year warranty that is given with personal grade pumps. While it is true that they have been designed to withstand daily and frequent pumping, there are really recommended to be used in special cases only. These special cases include pumping for babies that are born prematurely or that are sick and in the NICU, twins or other multiple babies that are born, in order to help increase the mother’s breast milk supply and finally to get lactation started in mother’s that have just had babies.

Due to being able to be used by multiple women, unlike personal pumps, they can be a great option for many moms that work and breast feed their infants. Of course, the moms would use their own breast shields, tubing, bottles for collection and valves for sanitary purposes.

Some of the hospital grade pumps that are available on the market include the Ameda Elite, Ameda Lact-e, Ameda SMB, Medela Classic, Medela Lactina, Medela Symphony and Hygeia EnDeare.If you have doubts about whether or not you should choose a hospital grade or a personal pump you may find it beneficial to meet with a lactation consultant. The lactation consultant can help you figure out what your pumping needs are going to be and whether the hospital grade or personal pump will be best for you.

They typically are double pump style so you would pump both breasts at the same time or you would pump one breast while nursing your baby on the opposite breast.

Electric Breast Pumps

electric-breast-pump-reviews-276x300An electric breast pump can use either batteries or a plug that goes into an electrical outlet in order to provide power to a small motorized pump that is within the product itself. This pump is what creates the suction responsible for expressing the milk from the breast. There is a switch that can be found on it which control the level of suction.

Some electric breast pumps have the ability to be adjusted in order to give different patterns for suction. The reason for this is to try and match the baby’s sucking pattern in order to be able to allow for natural let down which occurs when a baby is nursing. The let-down occurs when the natural reflex is triggered with the release of milk. This can occur by nursing directly or using a breast pump. It is important to have an emergency back-up plan in the event that you’re using an electric pump. I hope this electric breast pump reviews may give you an idea for your decision.


When it comes to breast pumping, mothers have an idea of what they are looking forward too. Knowing these set things allow them to make the best decision for choosing the breast pump that is perfect for their needs. One of the most important things is how quickly the breast pump will be able to empty the breast milk from the breast. The Ameda Purely Yours is able to quickly empty the breast which can provide relief for engorged, achy breasts and helps when you are working with a time crunch. Click here to read the full review…


The dual-pump system that Evenflo has to offer gives moms the chance to pump a large quantity of breast milk in a short amount of time. This is particularly popular with working moms as they may be short on the amount of time they have during a working day to pump. The handle that can be found with the dual Evenflo pump offers ease of use and makes it less of a hassle to pump both breasts at once. It offers mothers the chance pump hands free so that they can cook dinner or write that important work email all while pumping their milk.


One comforting thing to know about the Hygeia breast pumps is the fact that the company responsible for making them stands behind their product. They offer a 21-day guarantee that you will like your new breast pump, otherwise they will help you find a different one in their line you will find better suited for your needs. You obviously can also return the breast pump if you should find that you do not like the breast pump. In addition, they also offer a three year warranty for defects. Click here to read the full review…


If you, like so many other moms, will be returning to work after the birth of your child, then you will want to consider investing in a double electric breast pump. Doing so allows you to continue offering your baby all the benefits associated with breast milk. One of the best pumps on the market today is the Medela Pump in Style. Click here to read the full review…

Benefits of Breast Pumps

There are many advantages to choosing the best model for you:

  • Choosing the right breast pumps can allow mothers to be sure of exactly the amount of breast milk that their child is receiving as the container that catches the breast milk will be marked or when the mother stores the milk whether in a bottle or bag to freeze.
  • Choosing the right breast pumps can also ensure that the baby or babies are getting enough milk that they will not be hungry as there will be milk that is already pumped and ready to go.
  • Caregivers are easily able to feed the baby because there will be a supply of breast milk ready to go while they are taking care of baby.
  • The right breast pump will ensure that the mother will not end up with sore nipples. Many times sore nipples can lead to the mother not wishing to continue with breast feeding because it is uncomfortable for them. Also, it will help them to relieve the breasts before they become engorged with milk which can also be very uncomfortable.
  • The right breast pump can ensure long term use because it has been selected for how functional it is. The longer a mother provides breast milk for her child or children will receive the benefits from the milk.
  • Using a breast pump will help the nursing mother continue to keep up and build her supply as her baby grows. Because the milk is being relieved from the breasts, they are able to continue producing milk even when they are not directly nursing their baby.
  • Some mothers choose to pump only and having best breast pumps will allow them to do so and provide milk for their child or children just like a mother who only nurses from her breast.

Tips and Advice

When it comes to choosing, it is a good idea to read some reviews. Doing so can help give you an idea of the pros and cons that other mothers have discovered. It will also help if you plan on ordering your pump online, to see if any retail stores in your area have the same product. That way you can see all the parts and how to work the pump in person. This will help give you an idea of just how user friendly the pump you’re considering is.

As you start using, you may note some soreness or tenderness in your nipples as you adjust the pumping speed and get adjusted to the suction. You can find nipple creams specifically for nursing mothers on the market that can help ease the pain in your nipples. If you’re pregnant or haven’t purchased or started using your pump you may want to purchase the nipple cream in advance so that you have it on hand. It is also helpful if your baby is rough when they nurse as they get used to latching on.

Best Breast Pump 2014

Once you use it, you will want to immediately store the breast milk you have produced and then clean the parts of your pump in order to avoid contamination. Each time you use, you will need to clean it right after and refrigerate, store or give your baby the breast milk. Each time that you pump you will need to pump for at least fifteen minutes in order to get the best milk with the highest amounts of the fat your baby needs for development. If you have a double pump you can pump both breasts at the same time. If you have a single pump you may want to place a container to catch the milk from the opposite breast you’re not pumping as sometimes this breast will lactate at the same time. You can also nurse your baby on one breast and pump from the other so that no breast milk is lost.

best-breast-pump-2014In 2013 the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump was rated number one. It is a double breast pump which allows the mother to pump both breasts at the same time. It also comes with six four ounce bottles that can be stored or used directly after pumping. It also comes with a Proven Airlock Protection that is crucial in keeping any breast milk from leaking out during a pumping session. There are many favorable reviews on the Ameda that can be found online. It also comes with a tote bag for storage and travel.
In 2014 the Ameda Purely Yours CarryAll Breast Pump has been rated as the best for the year. It has been found to be the only breast pump kit that has a proven barrier for protecting against leaking while using the pump. The tubing has also been found to keep dry which is important for expressing milk from the breasts while the mother is pumping. It also comes with a convenient carry bag for storage and travel which is perfect for a working mom to take with her.