Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump Reviews

Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump Reviews 2015

Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump ReviewsIt comes with a carry all which has the ability to store all the supplies that come with the breast pump. However, if you plan on using a freezer bag in order to keep the breast milk that is freshly pumped cold, you may find that you have a difficult time getting the zipper on the bag closed which leads to having to carry an extra bag. If you already have many bags to carry, i.e. diaper bag, purse and breast pump bag then this could become pretty cumbersome. The carry all bag is also very deep so if your breast pump flanges sink to the bottom of the carry all you may feel as though you have to dig to China to find them. The straps on the carry on are also very long and due to this fact it makes toting your pump around somewhat awkward especially for those that are not graced with a tall stature. You have to take the pump out of the bag in order to use it as well which can be a time suck if you have to pump often but is nice for toting your pump from room to room when you are pumping at home versus if you are pumping at work. The bag is easy to clean which is nice but some may find the fabric to be an eyesore.

There are also no pre-set cycles when it comes to the Ameda Purely Yours, however, it does come with controls as far as speed and suction that allow for adjustments as you’re pumping. In other words, you have the chance to customize so that you can adjust the pump to fit the needs of your body more easily and makes for a more pleasurable pumping experience.

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The design of the Ameda Purely Yours is pretty straightforward. You have the pump, the wall adaptor or batteries, the tubes and tube adaptor, adaptor cap, flange, diaphragm, and valve. When it comes to cleaning your pump you would only need to pull apart and put back together the flange, diaphragm, valve and adaptor cap. It is also made of a closed system as the diaphragm doesn’t allow for milk to make its way into the tubing which means you will not find it necessary to clean the tubing out each time that you use the breast pump. However, it can still be a daunting task to clean especially if you are pumping while you are at work and need to clean up when you are done pumping.

It is light weight and doesn’t take up very much space at all and because of this it makes moving from room to room in the house a breeze. It is also easy to put the batteries directly into the pump which is great if you have to change batteries mid pump or if you are pumping in the middle of the night so you are not left fumbling around and run the risk of waking up the baby you worked so hard to get to sleep.

Some other things to note is that the Ameda Purely Yours can be a bit on the loud side so if you need to make an important phone call, you might want to hold off on it until you have finished pumping. You may also want to avoid using the pump if you just got the baby to sleep and will want to take your pump in another room. Sometimes a leak can happen with the bottom of the flange so it is best to make sure you get every drop keeping this in mind. Always check for leaked milk and pour it out into the storage bag or bottles.The price of the Ameda Purely Yours is between $180 and $250 which is a typical price for the lower end breast pumps. It is well made and sturdy which is great for daily use. You can find the pump by itself for close to $130 and you can use a different carrying case for the pump and avoid having to carry the awkward, bottomless bag and that can also help if you are working with a budget.

The Ameda freezer bag also holds plenty of milk. It can hold up to 6 4 oz. bottles and it is very helpful to have extra bottles on hand. However, the Ameda Purely Yours has an issue where the bottles are concerned. There are two parts to the lids and sometimes you may find yourself dropping one of these parts into the bottle and when that happens of course you have to dig it out and wipe it off again and again. The valves on the storage bottles are also easy to knock off which can be a problem and then you find yourself digging the valves out as well and you risk contamination and lost breast milk.

However, a perk is that this pump comes with what looks like cup holders which is perfect for setting up for a pump session and when you’re done and want a place to set the bottles down so you can finish up and pack everything back up again. It removes the risk of butterfingers dropping bottles and spilling that milk you just worked so hard on getting out. For  a better decision, we advice you to also read other brand and model reviews.

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